Power BibleCD

Power BibleCD 5.9

Contains the Christian Bible for study and exploration

Explore the Christian Bible in an integrated environment with support for floating cross-references, Strong's definitions, lesson editor, and built-in searching feature.

Power BibleCD is a program that contains the whole Christian Bible text. This program can be useful for people, who want to get acquainted with the Bible more and who want to study it.
Power BibleCD includes different kinds of English Bible texts, for instance, Bible in basic English, American standard version, World English Bible and many others. Moreover, there are a lot of commentaries and references. So, you can select the option to read just the Bible text or with commentary links, cross-references or footnotes. In addition, the program offers you a handy search capability by words or phrases. Also there is a dictionary, which can be used to explain various names or place-names you meet in the text and don’t understand what they mean.

The “Preferences” option allows you to make the settings: you can select a font, a color of the displayed text, select the order the resources are displayed in menu and so on. Also you can create your own topical guide, where you can record your thoughts by using the “Create User Topics Module”. Besides, you can design short lessons using the “Lesson Editor”, save, copy and print different parts of the Bible.

Julia Galygo
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  • Convenient way to read and study the Bible
  • Many commentaries and references
  • Includes dictionary
  • Handy search capability


  • Not free
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